Movie Review: Takers

24 Jan

Starring: Mat Dillon, Paul Walker, Chris Brown, Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, Hayden Christensen, T.I, Zoe Saldana

Year: 2010


Lets start by saying one thing first….rarely does Hollywood put together a movie with multiple good looking men so kudos to them on that. Other than that the movie was just so-so. The movie is centered around five friends who are professional bank robbers and they live a luxurious life off the money they steal.

The movie starts out very promising, showing five friends robbing a bank with the cops closing in on them from every angle. Leaving you guessing how their going to escape, their escape route in my opinion is very clever and original. The friends hightail their butts to the roof of the bank, hijack a news helicopter and make their escape to a secret location. Once they get to their secret location they blow up the helicopter and all escape separately in various ways. Later in the day Paul Walker’s character John, returns home only to be surprised to find an old buddy (T.I.’s character “Ghost”) newly released from prison and is waiting for him. What is he waiting for? His percent of the money of course. Why does he think he’s entitled to the money? because he went to jail for all of them ( the bank robbing crew) , took a bullet and he didnt name names so now he wants them to pay up.

That night all the friends meet at their privately owned club and John tells everybody that “Ghost” is out of prison and wants his money. The friends roll their eyes and blow off “Ghost” and his request. Just then “Ghost” shows up and tells everybody that not only does he want his money but he also wants everybody to do one last job with him. The payoff is 25 million “Ghost” says but the job will only be available for five days which makes the crew unsure.  John who feels guilty for letting “Ghost” go to prison while him and the crew got rich, convince the others that 25 million dollars is worth the risk of doing another job.

So the friends get ready for the job not knowing whether to really trust “Ghost” or not. Meanwhile one detective (Matt Dillion) is super close to figuring out who the robbers really are. On the day of the robbery with a few hiccups everything goes according to plan and everybody escapes safely….except Chris Brown’s character. Who somehow manages to become both batman and spiderman all rolled into one. As he escapes from the scene of the crime he is discovered by the detective and proceeds to jump from building to building and from car to car all without managing to get hit or having any major injuries which is completely unrealistic and added to overall cheesiness of the movie. (chris brown thinks hes spiderman and batman)

After shooting a cop Chris brown’s character meets up with his crew members who are counting the money.  At this point in the movie it is revealed that “Ghost” has double crossed his crew members and is actually working with a Russian bank robbing crew.  “Ghost’s” plan was to take all the money and split it with the Russian crew 50/50 in return for the Russian’s killing all his “friends” he went to prison for. The Russian guys show up to the hotel room loaded with guns and starting blasting away while “Ghost” escapes out a window liked he planned. To find out what happens in the end and who lives and dies you’ll need to watch for yourself becasue I don’t believe in ruining the ending.

I think overall this is the kind of film that you watch if someone else rents it. Not one you actually spend money on yourself. The acting was ok but that’s mainly becasue Idris Elba is a great actor,  so I think all the other actors stepped up their game quite a bit to look decent next to him. Outside of acting, the plot was pretty predictable. You almost knew from the minute that “Ghost” walked on to screen that he was going to double cross the other guys and you knew that at least one of the major characters was gonna die (bank robbers always die in the movies). So the predictability and lack of plot substance really made this film something that’s easily forgotten the minute you turn off your tv.

Bluej rating : C

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