Movie Review: Adjustment Bureau

14 Mar

Starring: Emily Blunt & Matt Damon

Year: 2011


I know everybody and their momma has posted a review about this movie…but sometimes a movie is so good that you just have to talk about it again and again and again…kinda of like when Inception came out. There are quite a few movies in the theater that I want to see but Adjustment Bureau was the one that won among my friends and I. I kinda want to say that this movie is one of the best movies I’ve seen in my life …but I wont get carried away. I’ll just say it was up there, after all my favorite trilogies this is, one of the best stand alone films I’ve seen in quite a while. Now what im about to say is gonna shock you coming from a movie blogger, but im gonna say it anyways… I think Adjustment Bureau is one of those films that If you read alot  of reviews on it beforehand it will totally ruin the movie for you. Sometimes reviews give away crucial elements of the film and then when you go and watch it you know so much about the film and such high expectations that its dosent have as much of an impact on you as it should. The mystery is gone and you feel kinda of deflated knowing pretty much everything that is going to happen. So if you have any plans to see this movie whether it been in the theaters or when it comes out on dvd (and you definitely should see it casue its freaking awesome) then STOP reading right…



no really stop reading casue im gonnna give away some crucial elements.



Ok so Adjustment Bureau (AB) is essentially a love story, the story of how true love can, (if you really want it to) triumph over major obstacles even when it dosent seem possible. AB is similar to Inception in the sense that its one of those movies that always keeps you guessing, you really have no idea whats going to happen and how the movie will end until the very last 5 minutes of the film which is one of the many reasons why its a great film. AB is centered around two characters David Norris (Matt Damon) a politician and Elise (Emily Blunt) a ballerina, David is running for NY senate but he loses the race. Distressed over his conceding speech he goes to chill in the bathroom which is where he meets Elise who pretty much tells him its ok for him to be himself…and that politics isn’t everything.

David pretty much falls in love with Elise right then, now in any other movie your like really?! they fall in love that quickly? and your screaming about how unrealistic it is and your right it is unrealistic but AB is saved from this slight pitfall because the chemistry between Elise and David is real, unassuming and significant. The next day on his way to work  David runs into Elise again on the bus and after some witty flirting Elise gives David her phone number. As he enters work David sees something he is not supposed to see, The Adjustment Bureau. Knowing that something is fishy David runs but its pointless and he is captured by the Adjustment Bureau, The Adjustment Bureau reveal themselves as a group of people in charge of making sure that people follow their “plan” they determine peoples destinies and fate.

When David questions what happened to free will he is told that humans were given free will but they “proved” (this is where the movie provides a very western world view of history) that they couldnt handle it so it was taken away and the Adjustment Bureau are the ones who decided what people will do with their lives. Adjustment Bureau eventually let David go but not before telling him that he if talks about the existence of the Adjustment Bureau that his brain will be wiped clean of his memories and also that he is never to see Elise again and they take Elise’s number and burn it. Without her number and without a last name David has no way of contacting Elise and so reluctantly he goes on with his life but never forgetting Elise. 3 years later David by chance sees Elise walking down the street, David runs after her and apologizes for never calling her Elise eventually forgives him and they have coffee.

David resolves to never let anything come between them again but he dosent realize how powerful the AB are and fights to not lose track of Elise. When David runs into AB again its a different more sinister guy who tells David that if he continues to see Elise again that its not just his life he will be ruining but Elise’s life as well. This scares David and he leaves Elise not wanting to ruin her life, one year passes and David see’s Elise’s wedding announcement in the paper with the help of a rouge Adjustment Bureau agent David out maneuvers the Adjustment Bureau and reaches Elise just before she gets married. David reveals why he left her and the secret organization that gotten in the way of their relationship and with the Adjustment Bureau closing in on them David and Elise make a run for it. Thats where I will leave you becasue I don’t believe in spoiling endings.

The Adjustment Bureau is great for many reasons but the top reasons are that, the writing is excellent, the metaphor is outstanding and the plot development is impressive. All of these elements add to the depth and range of the movie but its the impressive acting that really gives the movie its base and leaves you thinking about the movie well after you leave the theater.

Bluej Rating: A

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6 Responses to “Movie Review: Adjustment Bureau”

  1. Daph April 18, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    I absolutely LOVED this movie. It has a great message (the last sentence in the movie sums it all for me) and both Damon and Blunt gave stellar performances. I could watch it all over again :)

    • Bluej April 19, 2011 at 5:18 am #

      Yeah this movie is definitely one of my favorites I cant wait till it comes out on dvd to watch it again.

  2. JL March 15, 2011 at 9:20 am #

    Well I didn’t make it too far into the review, because I really do want to see this (still haven’t) and was originally pretty hyped for this one. So, I took your advice and stopped reading.

    Most reviews I’ve seen about this so far have been kinda mixed. Some saying it’s flat-out bad, others saying it was pretty good, just a little lacking. Glad to see you really enjoyed it. I’ll still see it because I don’t listen to reviewers that much, but I’ll have slightly lower expectations going into it (whether that’s good or bad).

    • Bluej March 17, 2011 at 5:38 am #

      yeah i take reviews with a grain of salt becasue everybody’s taste is different..but i think if you watch this movie not really knowing too much about it then you will really enjoy least I did.

  3. CMrok93 March 14, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

    Damon and Blunt’s chemistry is what really works here, and keeps this film going with their great scenes. However, the plot can’t really do justice to their performances and fails at being compelling. Though it kept me interested. Good Review!

    • Bluej March 15, 2011 at 5:53 am #

      although I obviously disagree thanks for posting!

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